You're in your harness attached to me hanging a bit lower facing front. The connection is only on two points over your shoulders and two stabilisers at the latterals. Your harness is like a one from a sports jumper.... The door opens, your heart is pounding wildly, you don't know what you're doing here. Together we're heading towards the door, setting us up. Your thoughts are running. And then we are outside... What have you done? Where are we now? What am I doing here? - You think. It all does not matter anymore, becaus - Woohoo!You did it! You released your inner daredevil! And from now on you only can enjoy the skydive, the parachute ride and the amazing view, your new life!

Your Tandem-Skydive is the opportunity without having to investing time and extensively training to enjoy easily and comfortable your ultimative adventure, fix your lack of adrenaline, and to enjoy the unbelievable thrill.