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Winter is almost here!
The temperatures have dropped and the clocks are back to normal. The days are getting shorter and some of the dropzones around Munich have already closed for winter and for us it is getting more and more difficult to plan your jump. Hence you're not seeing any dates on my site. This means we too are going into the winterbreak until April 2018!

In some exceptional cases we still might wanna do the one or the other jump even during that time. This is only when we can see that the weather conditions will be in our favour in total. I would like to give you the opportunity, however I cannot promise you anything yet. This would be more like a very, very spontaneous thing if at all. If you're interested please contact me via my contact formular.

Sorry for not being able to promise you more for now, but I hope you will have a save trip to Munich.

Cheers Michl