Dropzone Illertissen

Illertissen is also a bigger sports skydiving club.

There is a lot of activity happening with different planes they have.

There are skydivers interested in different disciplines in the sport. From formation skydiving till wingsuit flying. There are some events like the souther Germany championship happening here too.

Sometime they have the Grand Caravan taking up to 20 skydivers and on other days the smaller Caravan with 15 people but even is going faster to the height of 4000m. The athmosphere is very relaxed here. We call it our base. 
If the weather is good you can watch the Alps on the way up to height. You'll see the river Iller and the beautiful landscape on the boarder of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. 

If you decide to have your tandem-skydive happening here take your friends and get them to wait and watch you in the little restaurant next to it. The kitchen is a mix of traditional Swabian and Thai. Their cakes are all handmade and yummi.
After your skydive you can go to see the Vöhlin Castle developed in the 12th or 13th century or you go into the pool Nautila to end your day with.

Illertissen is in the heart of Mittelschwaben only 25km south of Ulm and 30km of Memmingen.