Tandem Michl

Position: Owner, Tandem-Instructor

I am the stranger you will be strapped on to. I have started skydiving in 2007 and have done about 2500 skydives of which is about 1000 Tandem skydives so far and enjoy every one. Your smile is my reward.

I did my first Tandem-Skydive in New Zealand in 2003. At this time I couldn't really connected to my tandem-instructor and I believe today I was not a good student either. After the chute opened for some reasons I got sick. When I was back on the ground I believed I could do better on my own. But it took me till 2007 bevore I actually started to do a skydiving-course. Scared as I was then I did my fist jump but loved it afterwards. I did about 800 jumps bevore I moved back to Germany in 2011. In spring 2012 I finally decided to become skydiving instructor and also to become Tandem-Instructor. Ever since I have done about 1000 Tandem-Skydives. I still enjoy every one of it. Especially when I can see your smile when we are back on the ground.
In real life I am an IT-Professional.